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Those who voted at Severance Towers and Warrensville Apartments will now vote at Cleveland Heights Community Center, 1 Monticello Blvd. (Delisle remains the same). You can check your polling place here.

For any voting questions, to volunteer, to assist with this effort or to request transportation to the polls you can email or text 216-302-8683 (VOTE).

Beyond the very important Presidential election, there is a CH-UH Tax Levy on the ballot (Issue 69). Know the facts.

(Check back for more information from JVOTE on the CH-UH School Board's refusal to generate NEW revenue from a development of the FORMER Millikin School. This has a direct impact on the Issue 69 Tax Levy.)

Tell the CH-UH School Board to work with the City of Cleveland Heights to develop the Millikin property into NEW tax generating homes that include a park/playground for all residents to enjoy.

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Vote No on Issue 69

Vote Yes on Issue 69

November 2, 2020 is the deadline to have your ABSENTEE ballot postmarked.

Request your absentee Ballot TODAY. Click HERE, complete, then print and mail.

If you are not registered to VOTE, do so NOW. REGISTER TO VOTE online.

Election Day is Tuesday November 3, 2020. This is a very important local election.

It is important that our community get out and VOTE!

Local Issues are Important to OUR Community! Here is what JVOTE believes and advocates:

  1. Diversity should include Orthodox Jews

  2. Support our City's Private & Public schools

  3. Strong Safety Forces - Fully fund our Police

  4. Quality City Services

  5. Economic Development - Generate NEW Tax revenue for our City and Public Schools

  6. Housing Options

  7. Representative Government

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Thank you for your interest in the Jewish Voters Association (JVOTE) of Cleveland Heights. JVOTE is an organization dedicated to representing the Orthodox Jewish community residing in Cleveland Heights. Our mission is to build bridges with our local government, elected representatives and fellow citizens to educate them on those issues and needs important to our community.

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Next Election

November 3, 2020

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